Beyond the Service Agreement:  A proven relationship built on trust



BC Technical services eight CT scanners across multiple facilities for St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates, a radiology group in central New York. According to Lauren Bellotti, Director of Radiology at St. Joseph’s, the relationship is built on exceptional service and outstanding communication. “I could not get this level of service  from an OEM,” she says.

St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates started working with BC Technical in January 2015, when BC Technical acquired Virtual Medical Sales. As a longtime partner with Virtual Medical, St. Joseph’s had experience working with a third-party service provider. But they were impressed with the smooth transition from Virtual Medical to BC Technical.

“It was like nothing happened,” Bellotti says. “It was very seamless and we had no issues.” -Lauren Bellotti, Director of Radiology at St. Joseph’s with David Arthur, Regional Service Manager at BC Technical.


Since then, Bellotti and her team have had an excellent experience. “The service is phenomenal and nothing short of exceptional,” she says. “Simply stated, there’s no better service.”
She praises David Arthur, Regional Service Manager, as a key reason for the successful partnership. She can call him directly at any time – without dialing a corporate hotline or waiting on hold – which makes all the difference.

“To be able to call him at any time is great,” she says, adding that the BC Technical field engineers are available to her and her team. “I know all their names, I have their cell phone numbers, and I can call them whenever I need them.” Bellotti adds that the field engineers’ service goes beyond routine maintenance and service calls. “They’re beyond a service provider; they are our service partner. I know I can call Dave or any of the field engineers, even if it’s for something beyond their immediate area of responsibility. If I have a question regarding a different unit or another kind of issue, he’s always willing to give advice.”


With dozens of scanners across eight locations, keeping units up and running can be difficult. Recently, three units in multiple facilities went down within two days. But Bellotti says that BC Technical was up for the challenge.

“They were right on top of it,” she says. “I didn’t have to do anything. Not having to manage the details makes my job so much easier.” This level of communication also significantly reduces downtime. “You’re right on the phone with the field engineers, they know your units, and they know right off the bat what to do,” she says. “There’s no waiting around.”


Bellotti says that working with BC Technical has supported St. Joseph’s equipment needs and financial goals, without sacrificing service quality.

“Service cost is a huge expense regardless of who you use,” she says. “But with BC Technical, we’ve been able to allocate the money we’ve saved towards the purchase of new equipment and service – and we still don’t pay what we’d pay for just service with an OEM.”


Bellotti says she has recommended BC Technical to her colleagues.

“Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. It’s as simple as that.” She also credits BC Technical as a key element to serving their communities and patients. “It’s been nothing but a great experience,” she says.


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