Posted by Alicia Bostic on December 2, 2016


Mobile CT and MRI can be a cost-effective way to meet short-term patient demand, cut down on an imaging backlog, or test out an expansion without having to commit to purchasing a lot of costly equipment. Lease options are flexible and set up is painless, making mobile easily customizable to your facility environment. Under what circumstances does it make the most sense to have mobile CT and MRI on your radar?

Practice Expansion

Expanding your practice can be exciting, but also a bit daunting. Will the up-front expense pay off? Can you build a strong enough patient base?

Mobile CT and MRI solutions are a great option to consider if you’re looking to start a new service of providing CT or MRI to your patients. With an option to lease for six months, you’ll have the time you need to see if in fact you can build the patient referral base that you believe is there, resulting in far less risk to you and your practice.


Meeting Increased Demand

When the patient demand already exists – perhaps as a result of seasonal fluctuations or an occasional backlog – a mobile CT or MRI will allow you to continue serving your increased patient load without long wait times, frustrated patients, and overworked staff.

A mobile unit can be quickly set up so you can ensure minimal loss of revenue and a seamless transition. When the increased demand no longer exists, the unit is simply removed.


When Your Equipment is Down

A patient backlog can occur very quickly when equipment breaks or needs servicing or upgrades. Mobile CT or MRI will allow you to get your equipment back up and running, without suffering revenue loss, stressed staff, or angry patients.

Mobile units can be requested on short notice, minimizing your revenue loss and keeping your facility running as smoothly as possible.


But Won’t it be a Pain?

In a word, no. Mobile CT and MRI solutions require a simple 480V 150A electrical service and a place to park a 110’ wide, 48’ long trailer. That’s it.

In the case of practice expansion, this is a much smaller upfront capital investment over what would be spent for the purchase and siting of fixed equipment. In instances of patient backlogs, or downed equipment, this minimal upfront expense will allow for better cash flow and patient outcomes.

Mobile CT and MRI systems can be rented by the week, month or year. Siting and applications assistance are also available. Whether you need something on short notice or as part of your long term planning, mobile solutions should be part of your thought process.

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