The Siemens Biograph offers superior PET/CT performance for improved disease diagnosis and treatment in oncology, neurology and cardiology.  The LSO-based scanner integrates CT and PET technology into one flexible, high-powered medical imaging platform for versatility and image quality and performance.  With a single, non-invasive procedure, the Biograph produces remarkable images, inherently registered, that reveal detailed anatomy and biological process at the molecular level.

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Siements Biograph PETCT
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  • 70 cm Gantry Aperture and Unique Reinforced Cantilever Designs
  • 50 cm Scan FOV in all Scan Modes
  • Slice Thickness: 1, 1.25, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm, Sprical CT and Dynamic
  • STRATON X-Ray Tube with z-Sharp Technology
  • Syngo Acquisition Workplace
  • Pico-3D Ultra Fast Electronics for Decreased Dead Time and High Signal-to-Noise
  • 3D Display if Organs with a Large Axial View
  • Up to 65% Dose Reduction possible for all Body Regions
  • Siemens Biograph 64 Features very User-Friendly Scan Protocols
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 204 kg (450 lbs)
  • “Typical” installation
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Refurbished System
  • Full Service
  • PM-Only
  • T&M
  • First Call
  • Shared Risk
  • Workstation
  • UPS backup power unit
  • On-site applications training
  • Remote viewing station
  • Discounted multi-year service agreements