• “BC Technical’s webinars are comprehensive, useful and informative. I like them.”

    John McLaughlin, US Oncology
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    Blog Post: 12/2/2016

    “Ordering Capital equipment, specifically Imaging, can be stressful, especially if you’re working with a new vendor.  Over the last 15 years in my position as an Imaging Supervisor I’ve built a rapport with a number of major OEM’s.  The thought of doing business with anyone else was very intimidating, not to mention ones credibility is on the line if anything goes awry.  With reimbursements nose-diving, staggering costs to maintain compliancy and accreditation via governing bodies, dramatic loss in productivity when dealing with insurance companies, and the growing cost to maintain billing staff – just to get paid – one has to deal with this culminated force by trimming overhead expenses.

    For those of you that don’t keep a pulse on emerging trends, the refurbished medical equipment market here in the US is expected to reach 12 billion dollars by 2021, almost doubling this current years forecasts.  One can strongly assume that within the next five years if you haven’t purchased a piece of refurbished medical equipment, odds are you will by 2021.

    The looming question remains – who can one trust?

    Enter BC Technical.

    Our practice just completed the installation of three major additions to our imaging portfolio; a 64 slice GE VCT, a dual-headed GE Ventri dedicated cardiac gamma camera, and an UltraSpect workstation. The initial deal just involved the CT scanner, but because of how much they exceeded my expectations, they were invited to bid on other projects, which they were successful in procuring.  All in all, the entire process from the bidding, negotiating, financing options, and flexibility has quenched any previous reservations when doing business with a non-OEM entity.

    Learn from my experience; don’t be complacent.  Commit now and start saving!”


    Ryan Paul, Ryan Paul Consulting
  • “The [Radiation Safety] course was excellent. Very informative. I will encourage my NM/Radiology staff to take this course. Thank you.”

    Ramadass Satya, JPS Hospital
  • “After a full year with BC Technical, I can confidently state that their customer service is superb and their ongoing follow-up is excellent. In light of the positive experiences we have had with them, I am happy to recommend BC Technical as service providers.”

    Barbara Locatelli, Mills-Peninsula Health Services
  • “I wanted to let you [BCT’s Refurbishment & Installations Team] know how much I/we appreciate your support and quick responses to all our needs while we have two Mobile MRI’s at your storage facility. It seems like you never rest, since even weekend and after hour emails were answered promptly and professionally. While one Mobile will be pulled, we still have one more in your care and we can rest assured that our equipment is well protected. Again, thank you very much!”

    Dagmar Broda, Signature MRI
  • “Operating multiple sites in several states has given us an opportunity to truly evaluate BC Technical. We are completely satisfied in every aspect and recommend them to our colleagues in the nuclear medicine industry.”

    Michael Davis, NMCSI
  • “BC Technical has been the ideal solution for our needs. Their refurbished equipment was an excellent alternative to the OEM. Not only did they quickly and efficiently install a system in my hospital, they made sure that I was completely satisfied with the imaging results of my patients. Their after-sale customer and technical support have proven to be invaluable.”

    Boyd Jewkes, IHC
  • “I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your company and your service guys. We have been with your company around three years now, and I can´t say enough good things. These guys are the best. They have gotten our cameras up numerous times over the phone by walking our technologists through some basic troubleshooting. (They) can almost always diagnose a problem right over the phone. They will in turn order the parts, and come in and have the camera up and running with minimal down time.

    I am a manager who manages a big department. I work with all types of service technicians. Your employees are some of the best I have ever come across. Please keep up the GREAT work …”

    Terry Hopper, VA Medical Center Martinsburg WV
  • “I wanted to take a few moments to express my complete and overwhelming satisfaction with the job [BC Technical] does for my department. A few years ago BC Technical took over the service and repair from [an OEM] of all of [the molecular imaging] equipment in our department. Since that time I have been overjoyed with the service that many of your service engineers have done. I wanted to let you know that your company has gone above and beyond and continues to do so every day.”

    Chad R. Morgan, Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center
  • [In the past], “there are two types of engineers that I have come across, one that has great knowledge and poor customer service and one that has great customer service but least experienced. Pete Nerat has both! The knowledge that Pete has and the ability to calm all of us down during a crisis, is priceless! He was able to restore the software for a GE Signa MRI system from a catastrophic hardware failure and repaired Image quality problems at Tempe St. Luke’s. I am in charge of Radiology equipment for three hospitals and my staff loves what Pete can do. I recommend you take care of him, an engineer of his caliber is hard to find.”

    Keith Lartigue, Renovo Solutions
  • I just wanted to compliment BC technical on the great service they have been providing to the nuclear medicine department. On Aug 19, the Pegasys was not rebooting and Tim Cook was able to walk Tricia from Biomed through the process of bringing it back up, in the mean-time the table on the Forte broke. That left us without a working camera and 2 patients with radiopharmaceuticals in them waiting to be imaged. Tim was able to help Tricia get one system up and Jeff from BC Technical came in about 6:00 pm and was able to get the Forte back up, the collimators changed on the V60 and the patients were imaged. If it wasn’t for having BC technical the nuclear medicine department would have not been operational that evening. This is just one example of numerous times that BC technical has helped keep the department going.

    Beth Wright, Porter Adventist Hospital
  • “I found the [BC Technical] webinar [Fluoride F-FDG] very interesting and will definitely utilize others. Thanks for this service. It’s hard to find free CE’s these days and with everyone’s hours getting cut back, it makes it harder to pay for them, so I really appreciate this!”

    Kellee Ferry, Lakeland Nuclear Medicine Services