What is XR-29 Compliance?

XR29 is a law that affects reimbursements on CT scans. Starting January 1, 2016 you must be tracking dose on all CT scans and comply with “Smart Dose” Standards.

What are the penalties for non-compliance?

If your CT scanner does not comply, you must report each scan with a new Code Modifier. The code applies to the specific CT scanner, not the type of scan. In addition, there is a 5% reduction in reimbursement for each non-compliant scan in 2016, and a 15% reduction planned for 2017.

What are my options?

Older CT Scanners do not include a dose tracking feature, so people are forced to purchase a new system from the OEM. However, you do have alternative options available to you.

1) Purchase a brand new CT Scanner

2) Install dose-tracking software and extend the life of your existing scanner – for half the cost!

3) Continue scanning without dose tracking. Establish new reporting procedures to include the new Code Modifier for each CT scanner, and see a 5-15% revenue loss.

XR-29 Compliance

XR-29 Dose Check Software – Protect your reimbursements with XR-29 Dose Check. New requirements for scanners without dose alerts will impact your reimbursements beginning 2016. Stay ahead and extend the life of your equipment with BC Technical and Scannerside.

Patient Dose Sheet

XR-29 CompliancePatient Dose Sheets Quickly communicate radiation dose information with patients with printouts available aer exam / procedure completion. Reassure patients that radiation dose is monitored internally while improving your brand. Oering dose printouts immediately following the scan / angio improves the experience, return rate and Roi.



Dose Trends

Xr29 Compliance Dose TrendTake advantage of real-time detailed web-based radiation dose trends and analytics to identify peaks and establish averages per exam. Evaluate protocol changes in real-time. Generate cumulative patient reports & more.



Real-time Analytics

XR-29 Compliance Real Time AnalyticsMonitor scanner image volume, volumetric trends &other complex data in real-time via an easy to use interface. Identify maximum mSV radiation dose for each exam type corrected for pediatric / bariatric patients.



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